GDP Official Exchange Rate (OER is more precise at gauging a countries economic power)

(Estimated 2011): $312 billion (US$) or (GBP)

GDP (OER) Per Capita (per member of the population estimated 2011): (US$) or (GBP)

GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP is good for gauging living conditions and use of resources but not as accurate as OER. This data has been calculated based on the sum value of all goods and services produced in the country valued at prices prevailing in the United States) 

 (Estimated 2011): $308.3 billion (US$) or (GBP)

GDP (PPP) Per Capita (per member of the population estimated 2011): $27,600 (US$) or (GBP)

Capital: Athens

Population (Estimated July 2012):  10,767,827

Area: 131,957 km2 or 50,949 mi2

Currency: Euro (€)

Official Language: Greek

Political Information: Unitary Parliamentary Republic

Official Religion: Greek Orthodox
(approximately 98% of the population are Greek Orthodox, 1.3% are Muslim and 0.7% have other religious beliefs)

Highest Mountain: Mount Olympus at 2,917m or 9,570ft

Largest River:
Map of Greece

Time Zone (GMT/UTC): +2:00




 Counties/Provinces/States: 13 regions (perifereies, singular - perifereia) and 1 autonomous monastic state* (aftonomi monastiki politeia); Agion Oros* (Mount Athos), Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki (East Macedonia and Thrace), Attiki (Attica), Dytiki Ellada (Western Greece), Dytiki Makedonia (Western Macedonia), Ionia Nisia (Ionian Islands), Ipeiros (Epirus), Kentriki Makedonia (Central Macedonia), Kriti (Crete), Notio Aigaio (South Aegean), Peloponnisos (Peloponnese), Sterea Ellada (Central Greece), Thessalia (Thessaly) andVoreio Aigaio (North Aegean)


Leaders: President Karolos Papoulias with Interim Prime Minister Panagiotis Molyviatis


Additional: Gained Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1830.



Sources: CIA World Fact Book, and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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Greece (Ellinikí Dhimokratía (Hellenic Republic))

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