Blenheim Palace in Oxforshire
Tower Bridge
The Upper Ward at Windsor Castle in Berkshire
Victoria and Albert Museum in London
The statue of Winston Churchill on the grounds of the Houses of Parliament building  in London
The Shambles in York
The Royal Exchange in London
The Royal Observatory at Greenwich
The Old Bridge at Warwick Castle
The London Eye
The Houses of Parliament building in Westminster, London
he Golden Gallery, the highest point of the outer dome of St. Paul's Cathedral
The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, London
Old St. Michael's Coventry Cathedral
St. Michael's Coventry Cathedral
Saint Mary's Cathedral in Salisbury
London City Hall on the left
Iron Bridge spanning the Severn River near the town of Ironbridge
Chester Cathedral
Secret Garden at Blenheim Palace

Big Ben

Swaledale, a valley in Yorkshire
North entrance to Westminster Abbey in London
English Flag
Technology and Inventions
Bath Abbey
General Knowledge
World Cultures
Film and Entertainment

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The Palm House at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew
The Royal Albert Hall
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