Albrechtsburg Castle and the Meissen Cathedral overlooking the city of Meissen
Trier (originally founded by the Romans)
Winter view of Neuschwanstein Castle
The Chamber of Commerce Building in Frankfurt
The town of Rathen on the Elbe River
The town of Oberrathen along the Elbe River
the Pegnitz River
The terrace at Sanssouci
The Old Bridge in Heidelberg
The basilica of Sankt Wendel (St. Wendel) in the eponymous town near Trier
The Baroque Zwinger Palace in Dresden
he Alte Oper (Old Opera House) in Frankfurt
he Alte Oper (Old Opera House) in Frankfurt
St. Catherine's Church, the largest Lutheran church in Frankfurt
Monument honoring Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of mechanical movable type, in the Rossmarkt (old Horse Market) of Frankfurt
Heidelberg Castle as viewed from a town square
an old street in Wittenberg to the Schloss Kirche (Castle Church) where Luther nailed his 95 Theses in 1517 sparking the German Reformation
An alpine lake in the foothills of the Alps near Munich
18th century archway of the Palais Thurn und Taxis and 21st century skyscrapers (Nextower)
Heidelberg Castle

a Rococo-style palace in Trier

A street in Ottweiler, a town in the Saarland region
Dresden, the capital city of Saxony
German Flag
Technology and Inventions

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The Operturm (Opera Tower) in Frankfurt
The original Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)
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