British Indian Ocean Territory

British Indian Ocean Territory


Capital of the British Indian Ocean Territories : N/A

Population (Estimated February 2012): 2,800 US and UK military personnel.

Area: 54,400 km2 or 21,004 mi2

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Official Language: English

Political Information: British Overseas Territory

Official Religion: No Official Religion

Highest Point: An unnamed region on Diego Garcia at 15m or 49ft




Counties/Provinces/States: Chagos Archipelago; (Islands)Danger, Diego Garcia, Eagle Island, Egmont Island, Nelson’s island, Peros Banhos, Salomon islands and Three Brothers.


Leaders: H.M. Queen Elizabeth II; Commissioner Mr Colin Roberts and
Mr John McManus as Administraitor


Additional: The territory includes the Chagos Archipelago and is made up of over 55 islands.

Sources: CIA World Fact Book, Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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