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If you have to navigate away from this page for any reason, don’t worry, you will have the option to resume your test from the point you left upon your return. The test may have multiple choice, multiple answer or true/false questions and is timed but has no time limit. It should be considered an aid to study for exams or merely a test of your knowledge base giving you indication of areas you may need further study in.


Once you have completed your test you will be able to review your results. This will give you some indication of the area you need further study or which areas you are proficient. We recommend you take the Sun Test before reading the subject matter. If you score 80% or more than you have the option of skipping the section but if you score less than 80% we recommend you read the material associated. Then try the test again until you are able to gain a passing result of 80% correct.




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Why Use the Sun Test?


As previously stated tests give the user indication of their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to spend less time studying things they are proficient in and spend more time improving their knowledge where they may have gaps.


Sun test


Tests are also a great tool for revision because they require the user to recall information they may have previously learnt, be it recently or some time ago. This recall of information improves its retention in your mind by strengthening pathways between neurons (known as synapses).


It works like this.

Neuron and synapses


When someone learns a piece of information, or has a new experience, pathways are created between neurons in your brain. If no other action is taken then these pathways or synapses fade and the memory is lost. For our brain to retain the information it must commit it to long term memory. This process can be done during sleep, which is why sleep is so important when studying, when your brain recalls the pathways strengthening them.


Neurons and synapses


We can further strengthen these pathways consciously by remembering the information or memory ourselves. Each time we do this the synapse is stronger and the easier it is to remember.


Re-reading information is one way to do this but it has been shown that varying the way we remember facts improves this further. So reading the information, writing the information down, putting it on tape and listening to it later, relaying that information to someone else, or through testing what we have learnt the following day we can vastly improve our memory.


If you are studying for tests it is always worth practice-testing before the exam but testing your knowledge, and re-testing sometime later, can help you retain information for longer. There is evidence that shows that memories can be lost if not used for a long period of time.


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We hope you enjoyed using the Sun test. We have many more tests on a wide range of subjects available.


Sun Test is designed for you to discover your level of knowledge of the subject and help you retain the information you have learnt.

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