Radioactive Dating

Radioactive Dating

Radioactive dating is a process whereby a person can calculate the age of an object by measuring its rate of radioactive decay.   What is Radioactive Dating? Carbon Dating Geological Dating Isotopes used in Geological Dating Radioactive Dating with Uranium-238     What is Radioactive Dating?   Radioactive dating is a process whereby a person […]

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Isotopes – what are they?

Isotopes are the variations of elements. An element is defined by the amount of its protons while an isotope of that element has different amount of neutrons. What are isotopes? How are isotopes formed? Stable Isotopes Unstable Isotopes (Radioactive Isotopes) Alpha Radiation or Alpha Decay Beta Radiation or Beta Decay Radioactive half-life     What

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Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear reactions are reactions that change the nucleus of atoms and are caused by special circumstances, such as Nuclear Fusion or Nuclear Fission. What are Nuclear Reactions? Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fission Forces that Hold Atoms Together How nuclear reactions produce energy       What are Nuclear Reactions?   Nuclear reactions are reactions that change

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Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is the name given to the the event when the nuclei of two atoms combine creating a new heavier atomic nucleus. What is Nuclear Fusion? Overcoming the Electromagnetic Force Nuclear Fusion in Stars Energy Production through Nuclear Fusion What is Nuclear Fusion? Nuclear Fusion is a phenomenon where by the nucleus of two

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Decay Chains

  Decay Chains is the name given to the stages of radioactive decay of unstable isotopes or elements. Some radioactive isotopes decay into stable isotopes directly but some unstable or radioactive isotopes decay into other unstable isotopes many times before becoming stable and these stages are explained in the ‘decay chain’. These decay chains can

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