Gaza (The Gaza Strip (قطاع غزة‎ (Arabic) Qiṭā Ġazzah))

The Gaza Strip

(قطاع غزة (Arabic) Qiṭā Ġazzah)

Palestinian Flag

Capital: Gaza (Main City)

Population (Estimated July 2012): 1,710,257

Area: 365 km2 or 140 mi2


Official Language: Arabic, Hebrew.

Political Information: Palestinian territory

Official Religion: Muslim
 (approximately 99.3% of the population are Muslim (predominantly Sunni Muslim) and 0.7% are Christian)

Highest Point: Abu ‘Awdah (Joz Abu ‘Awdah) at 105m or 344ft

Largest River:

Time Zone (GMT/UTC): +2:00




Governorates: Dier al-Balah, Gaza City, Khan Yunis, North Gaza, Rafah.

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