Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham is a historic market town located in West Sussex, England. Situated on the River Arun, Horsham is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and vibrant community. With a population of over 55,000 people, it is the largest town in the Horsham District and serves as a hub for commerce, culture, and recreation in the region. From its fascinating history to its thriving economy and diverse cultural scene, Horsham has much to offer both residents and visitors alike.


  • Horsham is a town located in West Sussex, England.
  • Horsham has a rich history dating back to the Roman times.
  • The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has a variety of landscapes, including the River Arun and the South Downs National Park.
  • Horsham’s economy is diverse, with industries such as retail, healthcare, and technology.
  • Horsham has a strong education system, with a range of primary and secondary schools, as well as a college and university campus.

The History of Horsham – West Sussex

The history of Horsham dates back to the 13th century when it was granted a market charter by King John in 1237. This charter allowed the town to hold weekly markets and annual fairs, which played a significant role in its economic development. Over the centuries, Horsham grew as a center for trade and agriculture, with industries such as brewing, tanning, and ironworking flourishing in the area.

One notable event in Horsham’s history is the construction of St Mary’s Church in the 13th century. This iconic landmark has stood the test of time and remains a symbol of the town’s religious heritage. Another milestone in Horsham’s history is the arrival of the railway in 1848, which connected the town to London and facilitated further growth and development.

Horsham is also home to several notable historical figures. One such figure is Percy Bysshe Shelley, a renowned poet who was born in nearby Warnham and attended school in Horsham. His literary contributions have had a lasting impact on English literature. Another notable figure is William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania in the United States. Penn was born in Horsham and went on to become an influential Quaker leader and advocate for religious freedom.

The Geography and Landscape of Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham is located in the southern part of England, approximately 31 miles south-west of London. It is situated on the northern edge of the South Downs National Park, which offers stunning views and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with rolling hills, meandering rivers, and picturesque villages.

One notable natural feature in Horsham is Chesworth Farm, a 90-acre nature reserve that provides a haven for wildlife and offers walking trails for visitors to explore. Another landmark is Horsham Park, a large public park that features a boating lake, tennis courts, and a variety of recreational facilities. The park is a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Economy and Industries of Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham has a diverse economy with a range of industries contributing to its prosperity. One of the major industries in the town is finance and insurance, with several national and international companies having offices in Horsham. This sector provides employment opportunities for many residents and contributes significantly to the local economy.

Another important industry in Horsham is manufacturing, particularly in the fields of pharmaceuticals and technology. Several pharmaceutical companies have operations in the town, producing a wide range of medicines and healthcare products. The technology sector is also thriving in Horsham, with companies specializing in software development, telecommunications, and digital marketing.

Horsham is also known for its retail sector, with a bustling town center that offers a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. The town’s market tradition continues to this day, with regular markets held in the Carfax area. These markets attract both locals and visitors who come to browse the stalls selling fresh produce, crafts, and other goods.

The Education System in Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham has a well-established education system that caters to students of all ages. The town is home to several primary and secondary schools, both state-funded and independent, providing a range of educational options for families. These schools are known for their high standards of teaching and academic achievement.

One notable school in Horsham is The Forest School, a co-educational secondary school that has been rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted. The school offers a broad curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama. Another notable institution is Collyer’s, a sixth form college that provides post-16 education to students from Horsham and the surrounding areas.

In addition to primary and secondary schools, Horsham is also home to the University of Chichester’s Horsham Campus. This campus offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in subjects such as business, education, and psychology. The university provides opportunities for higher education within the town, allowing students to study locally without having to travel to larger cities.

The Cultural Scene in Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham has a vibrant cultural scene with a variety of offerings for residents and visitors. The town is home to several art galleries and exhibition spaces, showcasing the work of local and national artists. One such gallery is Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, which houses a collection of artifacts and artworks that tell the story of the town’s history.

Horsham also hosts a number of cultural events and festivals throughout the year. One notable event is the Horsham Festival, a month-long celebration of arts and culture that takes place in September. The festival features performances, exhibitions, workshops, and other activities that showcase the talent and creativity of the local community.

Music plays an important role in Horsham’s cultural scene, with regular concerts and performances taking place in venues such as The Capitol Theatre and St Mary’s Church. These venues attract a wide range of musical genres, from classical and jazz to rock and pop. The town also has a thriving amateur theatre scene, with several local groups putting on productions throughout the year.

The Sports and Recreation Facilities in Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham offers a range of sports and recreation facilities for residents to enjoy. The town has several sports centers and gyms that provide fitness classes, swimming pools, and other amenities. These facilities cater to people of all ages and abilities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Horsham is also home to a number of sports clubs and teams, covering a variety of disciplines. One notable club is Horsham Cricket Club, which has a long history dating back to the 18th century. The club competes in local leagues and provides opportunities for both competitive and recreational cricket.

The town is also known for its football club, Horsham FC, which plays in the Isthmian League. The club has a dedicated fan base and regularly attracts large crowds to its home matches. Other popular sports in Horsham include rugby, hockey, and tennis, with clubs and facilities available for enthusiasts of these sports.

The Transport and Infrastructure of Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham benefits from excellent transport links that connect it to other parts of the country. The town is served by Horsham railway station, which provides regular services to London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, and other destinations. This makes it convenient for commuters who work in the capital or need to travel further afield.

In terms of road transport, Horsham is located near the A24 and A264 roads, which provide easy access to major cities such as Brighton, Crawley, and Guildford. The town also has a well-developed bus network that serves both local routes and connections to neighboring towns and villages.

Horsham’s infrastructure is continually being improved and expanded to meet the needs of its growing population. One notable infrastructure project is the redevelopment of the town center, which aims to enhance the retail and leisure offerings in the area. This project includes the construction of new shops, restaurants, and public spaces, creating a more vibrant and attractive town center.

The Local Government and Politics of Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham is governed by the Horsham District Council, which is responsible for local services and decision-making. The council is made up of elected representatives who work to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the town and its residents. The council’s priorities include housing, planning, environmental sustainability, and community development.

The town is also represented at the national level by a Member of Parliament (MP) who serves in the House of Commons. Horsham is part of the Horsham constituency, which has been traditionally held by the Conservative Party. The MP represents the interests of Horsham residents in Parliament and works to address their concerns and issues.

The Future Development Plans for Horsham – West Sussex

Horsham has several exciting development projects in the pipeline that will shape its future. One major project is the North Horsham development, which aims to create a new neighborhood with housing, schools, shops, and leisure facilities. This development will provide much-needed housing for the growing population and contribute to the town’s economic growth.

Another significant project is the redevelopment of Piries Place, a historic area in the town center. This project will transform Piries Place into a vibrant mixed-use development with a hotel, restaurants, shops, and public spaces. The redevelopment will enhance the town’s retail and leisure offerings and create a more attractive destination for residents and visitors.

These development projects are expected to have a positive impact on Horsham’s economy, infrastructure, and culture. They will create new job opportunities, improve transportation links, and enhance the town’s overall appeal. As Horsham continues to grow and evolve, these projects will play a crucial role in shaping its future.

Horsham, West Sussex is a town with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant community. From its medieval market charter to its thriving economy and diverse cultural scene, Horsham has much to offer both residents and visitors. With ongoing development projects and a commitment to sustainability and growth, the future of Horsham looks bright. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, sports, or the arts, Horsham has something for everyone.


What is Horsham?

Horsham is a market town located in West Sussex, England. It is the administrative center of the Horsham District and has a population of approximately 55,000 people.

What is the history of Horsham?

Horsham has a rich history dating back to the 6th century when it was a Saxon village. It grew in importance during the medieval period as a market town and later became a center for the brewing industry. During World War II, Horsham was a target for German bombing raids due to its proximity to London.

What are some popular attractions in Horsham?

Horsham has several popular attractions, including the Horsham Museum, the Capitol Theatre, and the St. Mary’s Church. The town also has several parks and gardens, including Horsham Park and Leonardslee Gardens.

What is the economy of Horsham like?

Horsham has a diverse economy with a mix of industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The town is home to several major employers, including Novartis, RSA Insurance Group, and Royal Mail.

What is the transportation system like in Horsham?

Horsham has good transportation links, with regular train services to London and other major cities. The town is also served by several bus routes and has easy access to major roads, including the M23 and A24.

What is the education system like in Horsham?

Horsham has a good education system, with several primary and secondary schools in the area. The town is also home to the Collyer’s Sixth Form College and the University of Chichester’s Horsham Campus.

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