(Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo (People’s Republic of China))

Capital of China: Beijing (Peking)

Population (Estimated July 2012): 1,343,239,923

Area: 9,572,900 km2 or 3,696,100 mi2

Currency: Renminbi (yuan) (Y)

Official Language: Mandarin Chinese

Political Information: Communist State

Official Religion: No Official Religion

Highest Mountain: Qowowuyag at 8,188m or 26,864 feet (Everest is partially in China but the peak is in Nepal)

GDP Official Exchange Rate (OER is more precise at gauging a countries economic power)

(Estimated 2011): $6.989 trillion (US$) or (GBP)

GDP (OER) Per Capita (per member of the population estimated 2011): (US$) or (GBP)


GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP is good for gauging living conditions and use of resources but not as accurate as OER. This data has been calculated based on the sum value of all goods and services produced in the country valued at prices prevailing in the United States)

 (Estimated 2011): $11.29 trillion (US$) or (GBP)

GDP (PPP) Per Capita (per member of the population estimated 2011): $8,400 (US$) or (GBP)


Time Zone (GMT/UTC): +8:00


Counties/Provinces/States: 23 provinces (sheng, singular and plural), 5 autonomous regions (zizhiqu, singular and plural), and 4 municipalities (shi, singular and plural)


provinces: Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang; (see note on Taiwan)


autonomous regions: Guangxi, Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia, Xinjiang Uygur, Xizang (Tibet)


municipalities: Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin

note: China considers Taiwan its 23rd province; see separate entries for the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau


LeadersPremier LI Keqiang (since 16 March 2013); Executive Vice Premiers HAN Zheng (since 19 March 2018), SUN Chunlan (since 19 March 2018), LIU He (since 19 March 2018), HU Chunhua (since 19 March 2018) 

cabinet: State Council appointed by National People’s Congress

Sources: CIA World Fact Book, Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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